Our Services

Hotel Sales & Marketing


Bezla's commitment to excellence is supported by comprehensive training programs, based on our belief that every Bezla and hotel employee must be sales oriented. Sales goals are uniquely established for each sales associate. From the moment of hiring and ongoing, we provide strategic training to our sales teams that incorporate our company's sales and marketing philosophies on building business. Bezla believe in the "back-to-basics" of calling on our customers, personally, while using the cutting edge technology available to the hospitality industry today.

Virtual Pre-Opening Sales


Opening a hotel is an art in itself. Critical timelines and paths need to be controlled and managed in detail. Bezla have opened dozens of hotels over the last decade, and are ready to do the next roll-out with our strategy development, checklists and action plans. As soon as the agreements are signed, we begin coordinating between key corporate departments including Sales and Marketing, Recruitment and Training, and Procurement, etc. to assist in make your hotels ready. We create a business plan unique to each property to ensure higher occupancy with increased sales and profits, as well as to build repeat business. 

Digital Marketing Project


For Hotels with complex goals, needing intelligent, integrated solutions, our Managed Service is your multi-channel media arm, piloting your digital campaign from pixels to projections. We offer strategic plans with clearly defined  customized reporting, as well as a dedicated account and ad operations manager, consistently monitoring and optimizing your campaigns. A comprehensive business plan for each property is a key element to meeting the goals for the budget year. Each year Bezla evaluates the market competition, as well as property strengths and weaknesses. 

Lead Solicitation List


Bezla finds new business with our best-in-class data solutions. Bezla takes insight about your best customers and identifies industry, market, company and territorial growth opportunities.

Website Development


Your Internet presence is the cornerstone of your sales and marketing efforts. At Bezla, we optimize your website through captivating content and design, search-engine placement strategies and integrated online marketing efforts to achieve maximum visibility and sustained revenue growth for your property.

Revenue Management


Our experts in hotel revenue management and pricing will work on increasing your room and total revenue. With our best practices in hotel yield and distribution we will grow your hotel’s RevPar.