No matter where you are on your  hotel revenue  journey, Bezla can help you go further.

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Why Bezla?



Monthly subscription with no overhead costs. Weekly Pace Reporting & market segmentation analysis.  Peace of mind No missed revenue opportunities .





Expert Hotel Sales Managers available 24/7. Proactive Stay ahead of the booking curve, Visibility Exposure through distribution. Increase your revenue and market share, improve your sales staff's performance and effectively market your hotels to the right guests.



No DOS on site? No problem. We provide long-term coverage of the DOS position. Our experienced team provides comprehensive services that get results.

What is Bezla?

What is a virtual regional sales manager?


A virtual regional sales manager is as simple as it sounds - we serve as a typical sales manager from a remote office. Even though we are not at the hotel, you can always reach us by jumping on a call, slack chat, text or have a video conference.


How can you sell my hotel remotely - don't you need to be here?

A portion of your potential business you'll never visit or meet before hand, because they are coming from out of town. We use a local number to reach out to these customers and they may never know where our office is located.For local accounts, we get to know local contacts and build trust over social media, e-mail and calls. 

Will you plan a visit to my hotel?

 We currently do  offer onsite visits.

We use all of our tools to get to know your area - walking around using google maps, talking with you and your front desk team, and researching the area using some of the same tools an onsite DOS might use - visitor/convention bureaus, chamber websites, etc.

I already have a director of sales, do I need your service?

For hotels that have a director of sales onsite, we continue to work most leads and handle the prospecting for our out-of-town customers. We also provide hit lists, action plans and other strategies your director of sales can use for outside sales calls and a blitz. This allows your DOS to spend most of his/her day hitting the pavement and entertaining customers during site tours.

Telemarketing, prospecting, lead generation


We proactively prospect for new business on behalf of the hotel


Guest facing, comprehensive, remote DOS coverage

 We take all sales inquiry calls, handle group bookings, and negotiate LNR accounts. We also create templates for all group contracts and LNR agreements, forward them to the guest, and load them into the system. 

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